What is FiOPS?

Fiber Optic Pipeline Solutions (FiOPS) is committed to helping our clients reduce environmental risk and increase operational safety. We do this by providing a “complete-solution” for industrial monitoring including installation, optimization, calibration, early detection, asset management and protection, data communications, IT services and 24/7 real-time monitoring.

Our Industry Solutions

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Custom designed fiber-optic monitoring for local or remote locations.

System Design

Integrated systems include temperature, acoustic and strain sensors.


Permanent and real-time monitoring with 10-second measurement increments.

Liquid Natural Gas

Non-intrusive, intrinsically safe and no delays in production.


Optimize power loading and monitor potential thermal insulation breakdown.


Detect potentially dangerous or intrusive activity near your installation.

Custom Cable Design

Reduce environmental risk, increase efficiency and operational safety.


Installation, Communications, Managed IT Services and System Maintenance.

Monitor Pipeline Performance and Efficiency Remotely


Fiber Optic Leak Detection Benefits:

  • Permanent & Real-Time Monitoring
  • 10-Second Measuring Frequency
  • Leak Detection within Meters
  • Non-Intrusive & Hazard Zone Safe
  • Increased Asset Reliability and Lifespan

Asset Protection Benefits:

  • Identify Damaging Activity Near Pipeline
  • Alerts Monitor Potential Security Risks
  • Locate & Track Pigs during Deployment

System Alarms Designed with Multiple Leak Triggering Options

Alarms are communicated directly to SCADA, DCS or ESD system via Modbus, OPC or relay contacts.

Options include Absolute or Relative – Min or Max temperature threshold, rate of change and deviation from baseline among others.

Flexible Cable Placement and Attachment Methods

Our installation services are custom designed for each application.

Cable for new trenched pipelines can be strapped to or laid up to 12″ from.  For Vessels, cable can be attached via magnets, straps or blankets.  Utility Ducts and Conduits can be cable blown, pumped or pulled into.

State-of-the-Art Operations Personnel and Technicians

All our installations are directed by trained FiOPS technicians and crew members.

Our FiOPS personnel work with construction crews and contractors during installation, we test cable before and after installations, commission all equipment and train personal on correct operation and maintenance.

Install Example